Maiden Japan

Origin: Trained
Real Name: Lotus Kobayashi
First Appearance: Eidolons! Comics #3 [Sigil Publications March 2012]

Prowess 9
Coordination 6
Strength 5
Intellect 4
Awareness 6
Willpower 6

Stamina 11
Determination * - Villain

Acrobatics Mastery
Martial Arts Mastery
Mental Resistance Mastery
Philosophy (Oriental) Expert
Stealth Mastery
Weapons (Oriental) Mastery

Strike Device (Bashing) [Baton] 5
Supersenses 2
                Additional Sense ["Blind Sight"]
                Additional Sense ["Chi Sense"]

  • Battlefield Punches (Prowess): When she uses this technique, she gains Fast Attack 9
  • Tiger Breaking Blow (Strength): Maiden Japan has Strength 7 when she is trying to break an inanimate object, such as a pile of bricks or an engine block
  • Crane Counterpunch (Prowess): While she is using her Crane Counterpunch technique, she is treated as having an Aura equal to her Strength (5)
  • Dim Mak (Prowess): Maiden Japan can spend a point of Determination to acquire Affliction 9
  • Monkey Clap (Prowess): Using her Monkey Clap attack and stuns the target, the attack does no damage, the foe is still stunned, and is also deafened for the duration of the stun; this attack can stun even if it inflicts less than 0 damage
  • Mantis Punch (Prowess): When she uses her Mantis Punch, she can slam the foe even if she does less than 0 damage
  • Panda Stance (Strength): While Maiden Japan is in Panda Stance, she cannot be slammed by any foe of Strength 7 or less
  • Cobra Strike (Prowess): Using this strike, she gains Paralysis 5
  • Motivation: Greed/Thrill-Seeker
  • Mysterious Background
Point Total: 60 (amazing!)

Pretty much everything is mystery about Maiden Japan's life. What is known for sure is her name, Lotus Kobayashi, and that she possesses peak human levels of agility, reflexes and stamina. This and her tremendous knowledge of every devised form of martial arts make her one of the deadliest people in the world.

Maiden Japan can achieve feats which border on the ultrahuman, like catching and throwing back projectiles, deflecting and countering melee strikes, throwing an onrushing opponent, disabling foes, leaping great heights, and other stunts out of a martial arts film. She is also skilled with a wide variety of Oriental melee weapons. To make matters worse, Maiden Japan is able to read body language and anticipate an opponent’s actions.  Expert on the skill of the ancient Ninja warriors of Japan, she is able to keep to the shadows and move with such speed that she can remain unseen even in broad daylight. Her Zen training included mental discipline which makes her more resistant to mind control. Her Blind Sight power represents her ability to move and fight, even when blinded, while her Chi Sense is sort of detection power which allows her to feel the general health status of an opponent.

(Employing the rich help of Jason Tondro's Field Guide to Superheroes 3, and mixing my memories of all the fun movies from Hong Kong, here she is: the mistress of all martial arts supreme. Too bad she's on the wrong side of the law. Character revised according to rules presented in ICONS Great Power book).


jaerdaph said...

Maiden Japan - LOL! That name is pure awesome!

Fabrício Franco said...


Thanks! One of those inspired moments that strikes us from time to time. Glad you liked it!

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