Origin: Transformed
Real Name: Julian Babel
First Appearance: Eidolons! Comics #7 [Sigil Publications July 2012]

Prowess 3
Coordination 3
Strength 3
Intellect 5
Awareness 5
Willpower 7

Stamina 10
Determination * - Villain

Business Expert
Languages (All) Master
Leadership Expert
Performance (Acting) Expert
Philosophy (Theology) Master

Mind Control [Limit: Hypnosis] 6
Mind Shield 5 [Limit: Extra Only]
        Façade [anyone attempting to tap his mind perceives what he wants the intruder
                   to perceive]
Telepathy 3 [Limit: only reading minds, not transmitting]
Supersenses 1
         Additional Sense [Comprehend Languages]
  • Connections: The Church of New Jerusalem of Hosannah Amen
  • Motivation: Egotist/Insane (Babel believes he's the envoy of God)
  • Powers work in any audible media: TV, radio or internet, in attenuated form
  • Rich televangelist
  • Enemy: The One
  • Weakness: Mind Control only works if Babel can get his foe to listen to him
  • Personal: Extremely vain about his appearance
  • Personal: Despises all other faiths, including other Christians
Points: 60 (dice-rolled character)

Julian Babel was an aspiring preacher of one of innumerable splits of evangelical churches. His church, founded by his uncle, was nothing special. Not even many parishioners they had, in fact. But in one fateful night, when his uncle was stricken with illness, Babel was obliged to face the pulpit. He was so nervous he forgot what he was about to say; he thought he was going to faint, when, out of the blue, he had "the vision". A being of pure light came to him, or so he says, and touched his throat. From that moment on, he discovered he was gifted with “glossolalia”, the ability to speak in languages professed in the Bible (he is able to speak fluently more than 18 languages and he can learn a completely new one in just a few days). Also, he could alter the beliefs of those who listened to him...

Babel is an expert at bringing people around to his point of view. He has an innate talent for knowing what people are thinking and subtly manipulating their opinions until they are thinking what he wants them to think (he doesn't know he has a low level telepathy). He’s a spin doctor supreme. If you listen to him, you’re damned, because he can convince you of everything he believes. His power affects people only when he’s speaking, and it affects beliefs, not memories. To completely replace one belief with another, the victim must listen to Babel for an hour. Someone who is already a partial believer takes only half as long. 

Thinking himself appointed by God to appoint a new path for humanity, Babel (and then he came to think that even his name was a sort of indication of his "divine mission") leads his own church and plots for world domination under his strict rules. He also despises all the other churches, Christian or otherwise.

Albeit on the verge of lunacy, he’s not so stupid, being one of the world’s greatest leaders. He doesn’t care to wear a costume. In fact, he loves suits and most of the time he’s well-groomed and perfectly dressed. He has millions of devout followers, who would gladly die for him. He owns several media corporations and thousands of temples worldwide.

(Character revised according to rules presented in ICONS Great Power book).


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