New Specialties: Trivia and Tracking

Once more, here I come with new additions to the Specialties list. In my games, these ones tend to appear every so often, thus their inclusion here.

Please feel free to discuss, critique and evaluate in the comments below.

A mishmash of specialized knowledge. You have one or more subjects in which you are an acknowledged expert. This can be anything: old movies, military history, sports, rock music, comic books, you name it.

In Villainomicon, it's mentioned one Specialty called Nature, which deals with tests involving the wildnerness, including tracking and survival. But tracking is not a given thing. As the art of following prey through any environs, you have Awareness +1 to catch the track, and then doesn't need to try further tests unless there is a chance of losing the track. Distractions  rivers, perfume, factories, crowds, and so forth  require new tests.

(Re-edit after the pertinent input from jaerdaph).


jaerdaph said...

I really like Trivia - being an expert in pop culture can be useful when you least expect it and often comes into play. Tracking is a nice write up too, but the Nature specialty in the Villainomicon already covers tracking. I do like the list of distractions that require a new Tracking test though - good idea, and you could certainly incorporate that into Nature.

Fabrício Franco said...


Thanks for the comment! Villainomicon is still a book that I need to read more carefully; most of my "bis in idem" posts have happened because the information was there, partly hidden by my careless reading. I'll edit the post to include the information about Villainomicon's Nature.

I'm glad, though, that Trivia is more useful.

Cameron Mount said...

The one concern I have is to make sure that the Trivia knowledge doesn't bleed out into the other specialties. I know we don't usually game with rules-lawyer types, but it's the kind of thing I could see causing problems if not narrowly focused.

Fabrício Franco said...

Cameron, thanks for commenting! The purpose of Trivia is to be narrowly focused and reflect that kind of knowledge which is not entirely "scientific". Whenever we allow Trivia in our games, it's done this way.

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