New Specialties: Tactics and Politics

And again, here I come with two new specialties, trying to keep the 'broad brushstroke', comic-bookish frame of mind ICONS convey – as well as bringing some new content to the game. One of the specialties, Tactics, is slightly mentioned in the ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying core book, under the 'Military' Specialty, but I always thought it deserved a place of its own under the sun (mainly because some characters which possess it never had any kind of military ties).

Please feel free to discuss, critique and evaluate in the comments below.

If you take a full page to analyze an ongoing or anticipated combat situation and is able to share insights with allies, you and all allies gain a +2 to all actions in their first next panel and a +1 to all actions in their second panel. Not all allies need to attack at the same time to gain this benefit; some may hold themselves in reserve and still receive the bonuses on their first panel, rather than on the panel that others first engage in combat.

The art of oration and political strategy! You can reduce the difficulty rating to influence others to your views. This specialty aids in dealing with the complexities of bureaucracy.

(Post re-edited to chenge the previously covered Equestrian - Ride in the ICONS Core Book - with a more useful and unpublished Politics).


jaerdaph said...

I like what you did with Tactics a lot. It opens it up to non-military trained/themed characters and provides a unique benefit.
Equestrian is actually covered in the core rules specialties by Athletics, but the rules give you the option of pulling out Ride as a separate specialty (which is what I prefer to do in my games). Similarly, operating boats is covered by the Drive specialty, but you have the option of pulling out Sail as a separate specialty (again my preference).

Fabrício Franco said...

Thanks for commenting, Joe, and for reminding me that Equestrian is already covered in the book. I should have read better the 'small letters'. I'm changing it to Politics, hoping it can be a bit more useful.

But, at least, I'm glad that Tactics can provide for some nice usages out there.

jaerdaph said...

Politics is another good addition to the game.

Fabrício Franco said...

Thanks, Joe. And made more sense, considering the several heroes (and villains) who have this specialty in comics: Marvel's Dr. Doom, Wild Cards' Puppeteer, DC's Pete Ross...

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